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Welcome to our 2019 Benefit Report. This letter is a strange one to write. The events of 2020 could easily eclipse our 2019 efforts, but I am a firm believer that we must appreciate our past journeys and celebrate our successes as we step into the future.

I’ve been reflecting lately on community and what it means. I love that it can be people or a place, as in the communities we serve, and a state of being, as in being in community with one another. Maya Angelou recognized that we needed both when she said

“We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water.
We need each other as we need the earth we share.”

It is with this sentiment of community that I invite you to join me in this retrospective look at 2019.

In 2019, we continued to strengthen nonprofits, promote mental wellness, and invest in Jefferson County. We invested more than $8.3 million into the nonprofit community through grant funding, and on Colorado Gives Day, donors came together and raised nearly $40 million dollars for Colorado-based nonprofits. This is more than a financial investment into our communities and the nonprofits that serve them. This is people and organizations coming together in community with one another.

We renewed our commitment to nurturing an inclusive learning culture in 2019. One of the core tenets of this effort is listening, and today we open our hearts so that we may genuinely hear what our Black friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors are saying. It is this tenor of listening that allows us to work toward equity for everyone. We need each other, with diverse voices and everything that makes us unique. Together, let’s build a community table where everyone has a seat and is welcome.

We also embarked on a strategic planning journey in 2019. We spent a lot of time in the community, meeting with people and organizations to listen and learn. We held numerous workshops and working sessions, explored data points and mapped out existing resources and gaps. We want to emerge from this process focused, nimble and well-positioned to make an impact where it is needed most. We are excited to share more about this soon.

As of July 2020, Community First Foundation has distributed more than $14.3 to Colorado nonprofits, and we can’t wait to see the generosity Colorado Gives Day will bring in December. Achieving this level of community support does not happen overnight. It takes years to build a network of dedicated donors, board members, staff and organizations who are committed to achieving this with us. I am so grateful for the work we have done, in community with you and to serve our communities. Thank you.


Kelly Dunkin, President & CEO, Community First Foundation


As a community foundation, we engage people to be a positive force for change in their communities. We know it can be daunting to choose where and how to give. That’s why we offer a variety of giving options, from simple online donations to planned gifts.



Turning passion into action is easy to do with Community First Foundation. We offer several convenient and safe ways for people of any age to give. Donor-Advised Funds, giving days like Colorado Gives Day, and giving cards and fundraising pages on are great ways to support community nonprofits. With so many ways for families and individuals to give, we are able to customize plans to help them maximize their charitable giving goals.

One of the more unique tools for giving involves Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). Through this program, adults can use their required minimum distribution (RMD) to support their favorite nonprofits. What makes our program so unique is that donors can support several nonprofits with one simple transaction.  In 2019, Community First Foundation helped 77 donors distribute $487,463 from their IRAs to 496 nonprofits through giving card contributions on


Ways to Give





Passion-Inspired Giving

Donor-Advised Funds are the perfect tools for individuals, families and businesses looking for greater engagement in their charitable giving process without undue administrative burdens. By creating a charitable fund at Community First Foundation, they can recommend grants and receive expert fund management as well as an immediate tax benefit. The minimum to establish a fund at the Foundation is $5,000.

Learn More about Donor-Advised Funds

“This is a great new system for making charitable gifts from an IRA. I can support multiple local charities with just one contribution to Community First Foundation.”
Martha Swanson, retired CPA and Treasurer, Empowerment Center of East County

Individuals, families and businesses give where it matters with grants made through their Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) and the safe and trusted online platform, They receive expert fund management and for those who want it, assistance developing their giving strategy and helping identify nonprofits that align with their passions. In 2019, 389 grants totaling $1,130,739 supported nonprofits through this method of giving. The local impact from these 79 donor-advised funds is significant.


Jeffco Nonprofits

Colorado Nonprofits (excluding Jeffco)


Focus Area

# of Grants

% # of Grants

$ Totals

% $ of Grants

Health care 40 10% $385,905.00 34%
Human services 94 24% $195,595.78 17%
Education 52 13% $156,898.55 14%
Community Improvement 38 10% $130,287.74 12%
Religion 48 12% $67,000.00 6%
Arts 38 10% $48,889.49 4%
Medical 20 5% $46,755.09 4%
Food and nutrition 12 3% $45,086.73 4%
Environment 22 6% $31,775.50 3%
Housing 8 2% $10,005.10 <1%
Mental Wellness 12 3% $9,790.80 <1%
International 5 1% $2,750.00 <1%


In 2019, $51.2 million was donated to local nonprofits through As a year-round giving platform, donors are connected with nonprofits through an easy-to-use online tool. Nonprofits can create fundraising pages to raise money any time and for any occasion. From running a marathon to encouraging giving in lieu of wedding or birthday gifts, it’s easy to make an impact.

Fun facts about the 2,057 fundraising pages created in 2019:

  • 407 nonprofits received donations
  • 15,156 donors donated through fundraising pages
  • $2,747,251 donated through 19,471 donations
Set up a fundraising page


From Piggy Banks to

Like most values, generosity takes hold best when modeled at home, early in life. That’s why we crafted age-appropriate activities to help families introduce the topic of generosity and community service to little ones. A clever online quiz helps children identify what matters to them the most. A Kindness Bingo game creates a giving mindset. Using activities and giving cards, is a safe place to learn about and support local nonprofits.

Give Today at KidsforColoradoGives


RECURRING DONATIONS: GIFTS THAT KEEP GIVING offers donors the option to schedule gifts to recur. Donors can select what is best for them: weekly, monthly or annually are just a few of the many options. Giving over time like this eases the impact on a donor’s pocketbook while providing a reliable stream of funding to a nonprofit.

Spark the joy of giving:
Check out our Kids Giving Kit


The generosity of Coloradans exploded on Colorado Gives Day as Community First Foundation and celebrated ten years of shared giving. Since 2010, donors have been coming together in December for 24 hours of giving, raising more than $257 million for local nonprofits.

In 2019, 2,610 nonprofits participated in the day of giving, raising $40 million in donations in just 24 hours. Community First Foundation, FirstBank and community partners contributed to a $1.5 Million Incentive Fund to increase impact.



Total Donated


Most Common Donation


Avg Raised Per Nonprofit


Participating Nonprofits



Strengthening Nonprofits

We believe a strong nonprofit sector is fundamental to a community’s strength. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping local nonprofits succeed and thrive. We provide a variety of programs and services, such as expert endowment management, workforce development, free meeting space, fundraising consultation and complimentary trainings led by industry experts.


The Nonprofit Pathway certificate program was created by Community First Foundation and Red Rocks Community College to supply the nonprofit sector with a skilled, inclusive workforce. In just a few years of the program, enrollment in this higher education program has doubled. Community First Foundation funded nearly $30,000 in staff scholarships for nonprofits with endowment funds at the Foundation.

Learn More about the Nonprofit Pathway Curriculum

The Nonprofit Pathway is fueling an inclusive and diverse nonprofit workforce. 27% identify as nonwhite.

Nonprofit Pathway Student Makeup for 2017-2019. 62% identify as low-income or first generation.

"I feel more secure in my knowledge of program evaluation, nonprofit management and development, and empowered to use my new skills.”
Christina Hoffman, student


  • Endowment-building grants and support
  • Expert endowment management
  • Planned giving resources
  • Fundraising consultation
  • Complimentary training
  • Free state-of-the-art meeting space
  • Workforce development and scholarshops
  • Online giving tools


For more than a decade, we have been offering endowment-building programs to help nonprofits prepare for their future needs. Although an endowment is a long-term investment, interest earnings can provide a steady revenue source and help organizations weather the ups and downs of other funding sources. Savvy donors recognize that an endowment reflects an organization’s stability, prudence and fiscal responsibility.



Community First Foundation is pleased to empower nonprofits that open an endowment with us by amplifying their efforts. Incentive grants for new and current nonprofit partners encourage them to establish and build endowments to secure their futures. In 2019, $155,000 in incentive funding helped three nonprofits build their endowments.

Is Your Nonprofit Endowment-Ready? Learn about our Incentive Grant Program (PDF)

Westminster Rotary Foundation:

Service Before Self Extends to Endowment

Since 1920, the Rotary International motto has been Service Above Self. The motto is exemplified by the Westminster Rotary Foundation's (District 5450) desire to preserve and protect its future impact for generations to come by creating an endowment with Community First Foundation.

For more than 55 years, the Rotary Club of Westminster worked tirelessly to raise funds supporting programs and services that touched and enriched the lives of residents in the north metro community. In 1999, the club created the Rotary Community Scholarship through its Westminster Rotary Foundation and in partnership with local businesses and individuals. Each spring, active Westminster Rotarians interview and select students who are awarded grants ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 to give students a head start with education after high school. Since its inception, more than $1,000,000 in scholarships have been distributed to more than 500 successful applicants.

To protect scholarship funds and ensure funding for future generations, the Westminster Rotary Foundation created an $800,000 endowment. “The endowment protects and honors the legacy of past fundraising efforts while providing financial stability for new members,” says Ron Schaefer, a Westminster Rotarian who helped establish the endowment. Using a five percent annual distribution from the endowment to support programs and services, plus any special project fundraising, the club has found the freedom to continue changing lives and the comfort of financial security.

Community First Foundation manages funds ranging in size from $25,000 to millions of dollars for more than 120 nonprofits. We also offer Incentive Grants to newly established and existing endowments to help them secure their futures. Because of the newly established large endowment, Community First was pleased to award a $100,000 incentive grant to amplify their efforts.

“As a community foundation, we have the resources and expertise to steward endowment funds in perpetuity for nonprofits. This frees them up to focus on carrying out their mission and serving their constituents,” says Rebecca Olchawa Barker, Director of Philanthropic Services. “They can rest easy knowing their endowment fund is in good hands.”

More About Endowment Management & Support


Endowment Partner Education:

Building a Culture of Philanthropy in the Workplace

In 2019, Community First Foundation offered four educational sessions to nonprofit endowment partners (NEP), along with $36,000 in scholarship dollars for people who are employed at any one of the Nonprofit Endowment Partner organizations working toward a Nonprofit Pathway Certificate at Red Rocks Community College.

Asking for money can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable for many people. But when you embrace that discomfort, magic unfolds. Matt Wasserman and John Pepperdine of MPW Strategies: Make Philanthropy Work, a fundraising consulting firm, co-presented a workshop on How to Create a Culture of Philanthropy and shared this message with nonprofit endowment partners in June 2019 at one of the four workshops hosted by Community First Foundation.

Specializing in services that transform, impact, and advance missions, MPW partnered with Community First Foundation to share fresh strategies for developing innovative fundraising solutions for organizations that can power positive change in our communities.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist. Giving is less about being wealthy and more about the impacts realized through generous giving. More than 55% of American households contribute to nonprofits each year, with eight out of every 10 dollars given in the United States contributed by individuals.*

Why, then, do organizations find it challenging to create cultures of philanthropy? MPW suggests it begins by removing the mystery and demonstrating with employees the impact and wonder of philanthropy. Communicating with colleagues regularly about the power of giving and how it benefits organizations, how it connects to mission, vision and values, and the joy donors feel when they give are great places to start.

Inspiring employees to give can boost morale and motivate employees to discover the power philanthropy can have in their communities. Creating a culture of philanthropy takes time, work, and a donor-centric approach, but the results are worth it as organizations move to transform workplaces and communities through giving.







Community First Foundation has been on a community journey to understand and facilitate mental wellness.

We understand that investing early to support the mental health of infants and young children produces benefits later. We’ve learned that social connections help people overcome the barriers to improving health. We value the collective action it takes to transform the systems supporting mental health. And, we invest in promising approaches to reduce the stigma of mental health. We are proud of the work our partners are doing to create systematic improvements to community mental wellness. In 2019, we invested $1,789,091 to support innovations in this space.

Supporting the social and emotional development of infants and young children

Facilitating coordinated, systematic efforts to improve community mental wellness

Investing in promising approaches to reduce mental health stigma

Learn More about How We Support Mental Wellness

Grantee Highlight:

Teens Create Tools to Reduce Stigma

When a small group of soft-spoken Adams City High School students took the stage at the Adams County School District 14 Board of Education meeting to share information about how they were addressing mental wellness in their community, silence permeated the room and people listened intently.

The students presented their bilingual Teen Mental Health Awareness Guidebook, created by their school’s Rotary Interact Club and funded by Community First Foundation. The goal? Help their peers overcome the silent stigma surrounding mental illness and shorten the gap between the first signs of mental health problems and getting help.


The guidebook shows students how to create a self-care plan, discusses resiliency, and how to find and access resources. It also features compelling statements by Colorado teens about easy ways to help other teens who are experiencing difficulties. Coupled with personal statements by Lady Gaga and Prince William about the Born This Way Foundation and the importance of teen mental health awareness worldwide, the guidebook provides valuable resources on how and where to find professional help.

After completing the Guidebook, the students hit the road, delivering presentations at more than a dozen area high schools. School outreach continues with ongoing efforts to promote inclusion and equity while reducing stigma. The Guidebook was translated and printed in Spanish.


View the Teen Mental Health Awareness Guidebook

In English En Español


Jefferson County

Community First Foundation has a special relationship with Jefferson County, stemming from our history as the fundraising arm for Lutheran Medical Center and our location in Arvada. We leverage our leadership and connections here to work collectively towards a grand vision that all people who live, work and play in Jefferson County are healthy and thriving.

2019 Financial Overview



Cash and Investments

$ 449,588,561

Other Assets


Total  Assets



Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses


Grants Payable


Other Liabilities


Agency Funds


Total Liabilities


Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$ 454,604,459

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES — For the Year Ended December 31, 2019


$       15,991,128

Other Income


Total Revenue





Other Program Expenses


Supporting Services


Total Grants and Expenses




Net Return on Investments




Net Assets, Beginning of Year


Net Assets, End of Year

$ 414,162,784


2019 Detailed Financials (PDF)



Board and Staff

2019 Board of Directors

Aaron Azari
Executive Vice President
BOK Financial

David L. Bomberger
Chief Investment Officer
Pinnacol Assurance

Elycia Cook
President & CEO

Kelly Dunkin
President & CEO
Community First Foundation

Janet Heck Doyle, Esq.
Retired CEO & President
Kramer Junction Company

Joy S. Johnson
Community Advocate

Russell W. Kemp, Esq.
Ireland Stapleton

Brian Larson
Regional President

Shelley Marquez
Senior Vice President, Community Relations Senior Manager
Wells Fargo

Ronald C. Meyer, M.D.
Retired Community Pediatrician

Donovan J. (Jerry) Paul, CFA
Senior Vice President
Fixed Income & Portfolio Manager

ICON Advisers

Hereford Percy
Retired President
FirstBank North

Stacey Pool
Chief Marketing Officer
Noodles & Company

Lydia Prado
Executive Director
Lifespan Local Change Partnerships

Emily S. Robinson
Chief Operating Officer

Cynthia Stevenson
Instructor, School of Education and Human Development
University of Colorado—Denver

Penfield W. Tate III
Attorney, Managing Shareholder
Tate Law, P.C.

Robert Urwiler
Retired Chief Information Officer
Vail Resorts, Inc.

Lynne D. Valencia
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Gaye Woods
System Director
Community Benefit

SCL Health

Marla Williams
Former President & CEO (thru Feb. 2019)
Community First Foundation


2019 Community Committee Members

Felix Cook
William Ernstom
Peggy Jennings
Richard Klau
John Lischer
Dale Martin
Emily Oliver
Malcolm Tarkanian
John Trefny

Michael Corbett
Senior Vice President and Wealth Advisor
Innovest Portfolio Solutions

Vera Divenyi
Vice President
Wealth Director, BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Kim Eilber, JD, LL.M, CFP®
Senior Vice President & Senior Trust Officer
U.S. Trust

Heidi Gassman
Moye White

Erin Hadary
Partner & Senior Wealth Planner
Dunston Financial Group

Jason Lewis, CFP®
Financial Advisor
Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

John Lischer
Ryley Carlock & Applewhite

Julia McVey
Balso Faix & McVey, LLP

Dan Morris
Investment Advisor Representative
High Point Financial Group, LLC

Andy Pahl
Assistant Vice President |
Senior Portfolio Advisor | Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch Global Wealth and Investment Management

Nicole Royer
Mallgren & Royer, P.C.

Leslie Schaus, CPA, MT
Stratagem CPA


Community First Foundation Staff

Kelly Dunkin
President and CEO

Jaime Aguilar
Digital Communications Specialist

Noah Atencio
Vice President of Community Impact

Inzinga Barge
Receptionist/Office Assistant

Raymael Blackwell
Program Associate

Valerie Brown
Meeting Space Administrator

Neelamai Chunlapak
Senior Accountant

Kelly Degering
Community Impact and Online Giving Administrative Assistant

Veronica Farrell
Philanthropic Services Specialist

Jenni Foxworth
Receptionist/Office Assistant

Cheryl Haggstrom
Executive Vice President

Lynn Homenick
Executive Assistant

Kenneth R. Kirwin
Chief Financial Officer

Cindy Matthews
Marketing & Communication Manager

Beth McConkey
Director of Communications

Christine Moreland

Paul Mulligan
Director of Donor and Grants Administration

Karen Newcomb
Finance Administrative Assistant and Accounting Clerk

Rebecca Olchawa Barker
Director of Philanthropic Services

Dana Rinderknecht
Director of Online Giving

Tina Trela

Bryce Wilkinson
Senior Online Giving Specialist

We are dedicated to finding innovative and collaborative ways to strengthen the nonprofit community. We value our partnership with the organizations below as they have entrusted us with stewardship of their endowment funds. They are the visionaries. The hard workers. The people who make change happen.

Learn About Endowment Management and Support

The Action Center

Adam’s Camp

Adaptive Sports Association

The Adoption Exchange

AllHealth Network

Almost Home

American Gelbvieh Foundation

Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

Audubon Society of Greater Denver

Aurora Mental Health Center

Blue Sky Bridge

Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity

Boulder History Museum

Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado

Butterfly Pavilion

Carin’ Clinic

CASA of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties

Castle Rock Senior Activity Center

Cat Care Society

Center for Health and Hope

The Center for Trauma & Resilience

The Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE)

Clínica Tepeyac

Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation

Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

Colorado Association of Funders

Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care

Colorado Cancer Research Program

Colorado Children’s Chorale

Colorado Homeless Families

Colorado Humanities

Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts

Colorado Nonprofit Association

Colorado Preservation

Colorado Public Television (CPT12, PBS)

Colorado VNA

Community College of Denver Foundation

Community Cycles

The Conflict Center

Dental Aid

Denver Dumb Friends League

The Denver Scholarship Foundation

Denver Indian Family Resource Center

The Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis

Denver Street School and StreetSchool Network


Doctors Care

Dominican Home Health Agency

Eaton Senior Communities and Eaton Senior Communities Foundation

Economic Literacy Colorado

El Centro Su Teatro

Escuela de Guadalupe

Evergreen Naturalists Audubon Society

Families First

Family Tree

Friends of Dinosaur Ridge

Friends of Peak to Peak

Friends of the Haven

Girl Scouts of Colorado

The GLBT Community Center of Colorado

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. of Broomfield

Goodwill Industries of Denver

Grand Beginnings

The Greenway Foundation

Griffith Centers for Children


Jeffco Schools Foundation

Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Jefferson County Education Association

Jefferson County Library Foundation

Jeffco Human Services Foundation


Jewish Family Service of Colorado

Junior Achievement - Rocky Mountain

Lakewood Legacy Foundation

Latin American Educational Foundation

Littleton Symphony Orchestra

The Lowry Foundation

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains

Mackintosh Academy – Littleton

Metro Community Provider Network

Metro Denver Partners

Mountain Area Land Trust

NAMI Colorado

The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of Colorado

Open Media Foundation

Outdoor Lab Foundation

Phamaly Theatre Company

Platte Valley Medical Center Foundation

Pop Culture Classroom

REDI Corporation

Staenberg Loup Jewish Community Center

Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation

Rocky Mountain MS Center

SafeHouse Denver

Seniors’ Resource Center

Sister Carmen Community Center

Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning

St. Andrew Society of Colorado

Step Denver


Swallow Hill Music Association

Tennyson Center for Children at Colorado Christian Home

Tesoro Cultural Center

Westminster Public Schools Foundation

Westminster Rotary Foundation

Wheat Ridge Rotary Club

The Wildlife Experience


YMCA of Metropolitan Denver, Susan M. Duncan Family Branch

A donor-advised fund is a charitable giving vehicle that allows donors to support causes over time, yet receive immediate tax benefits. These types of funds appeal to those seeking a hands-on, strategic, yet convenient way to support nonprofit organizations. We are honored to steward the following funds.

Learn About Donor-Advised Funds

Banko Family Fund

Best Should Teach Fund

David Bomberger Fund

Brennan Family Fund

Butterfield Family Donor-Advised Fund

Sam Cheris Charitable Fund

Valerie and Gilmour Clausen Fund

Coburn Family Fund

Aliyah and Milani Cook Fund

Felix and Margie Cook Fund

Dahl Family Donor-Advised Fund

Davis-Massey Family Fund

Fred, Janet and Lucas Doyle Donor-Advised Fund

Eicher Family Donor-Advised Fund

Family & Children's Health Donor-Advised Fund

Janet Fania Memorial Scholarship Fund

Franklin Family Fund

Gardner Azari Family Fund

Griffith-McVey Family Fund

Haggstrom Family Donor-Advised Fund

Hanson Ernstrom Family Donor-Advised Fund

Darl and Darlene Hobson Fund

Jennings Human Capital Improvement Fund

Joie de Vivre Fund

Kemp Family Fund

Klau Family Foundation Fund

Leach Family Donor-Advised Fund

Marquez Family Fund

Jean and Ron Meyer Family Fund

Johnson Foundation of the Rockies Fund

Molenaar Family Donor-Advised Fund

Moreland Family Donor-Advised Fund

Morrissey Family Fund

Oliver Family Fund

Paul Family Fund

Percy Family Fund

Koger and Marcie Propst Family Donor-Advised Fund

PBJ Reece Charitable Fund

Reidy Family Donor-Advised Fund

Barbara E. & Robert J. Reilly Charitable Fund

Vernon and Sharon Ritzman Donor-Advised Fund

Alan and Emily Robinson Donor-Advised Fund

Shean Family Fund

Phelan Smith Family Fund

Keith and Alisha Stagg Fund

Susan Stark Fund

Stevens Family Fund

Stevenson Fund

Storatz Family Donor-Advised Fund

Tarkanian Family Fund

Penfield W. Tate III Foundation Fund

Tough Enough To Wear Pink Fund

Sharon L. & John U. Trefny Donor-Advised Fund

Tuthill Family Fund

Robert and Carla Urwiler Charitable Giving Fund

Lynne Valencia Family Fund

Vanderstoep Family Fund

Raymond & Viola Wagner Family Fund

Waring Family Fund

Marla J. Williams Donor-Advised Fund

Vickie Wilson Family Fund

V.L. Ponce Fund

Winkler Family Foundation Fund

Womanist Empowerment Fund

Woolsey Paustian Fund


Welcome New 2019 Donor-Advised Funds!

B & C Larson Foundation Fund

Anne and John Blair Donor-Advised Fund

Carolyn Ann Jones Fund

Robert M. Casson and Jean. F. Casson Fund

Dunkin Family Fund

EDBHLT Donor-Advised Fund

Fellman Family Fund

Gathering Fund

Lauren Guthrie Make a Difference Fund

Judith Lyke Fund

Morris Family Fund

Naumer Family Donor-Advised Fund

Schlessman Family Foundation Fund

Sheiner Family Donor-Advised Fund

Steven and Lorain Summer Donor-Advised Fund

Community First Foundation manages a variety of charitable funds to help members of the community connect with causes they care about. We are honored to steward these financial resources to energize giving and address community needs.


Assistance League of Denver HELP Endowment Fund
Bonfils Blood Center Donor Advised Fund
Collier Family Fund
Colorado Blood Cancer Institute Patient Assistance Fund
Community First Foundation Unrestricted Fund
Easter Seals Colorado Endowment Fund
Francis Winston Collopy Endowment Fund
Friends of Chamber Music Operating Endowment Fund
Hospice and Palliative Care Endowment Fund
Project Angel Heart Fund
White Rose Scholarship Foundation Fund

We work with a variety of individuals, families and nonprofit organizations to help them power their passions—whether they wish to give today or in the future. We are grateful to the following people and entities that supported community in 2019 through a fund stewarded by Community First Foundation.

Donna Albin
Richard E. Albin
Bernard Anderson
Sara Ashburn-Reed
Jon Assell
Joseph Assell
Keri Assell
Mike Assell
Brian Austin
Aaron and Anita Azari
Linda Bailey
Roger H. Bane
Michael Baron
Karen Baum
Sonja Baum
John Beattie
Barry P. Berlin
Leo L. Beserra
Naomi Binning
John and Anne Blair
Beverly Blamey
Judy Bloomberg
Dawn and Eric Boivin
David L. Bomberger
Tamara Bond
Lisa Bray
Joan S. Brennan
Dorothy Brewster
Carol Buchanan
Dana Buhr
Michele Burrus
John Burstein
Hannah Buzzanca
Tara Byrnes
William R. Cameron
Joann Cantor
John Capps
Amy Cardenas
Paula Carnes
James Carr
Jean F. Casson
Teresa Castledine
Stephen Caulk
Ryan Chase
Gene Child
Grace Christofferson
Amy and James Cobb
Jared Coburn
Donna M. Cochran
Joanne Cohen
David Coleman
Dennis Constantine
Elycia and Byron Cook
Ken Cooper
Judy Cramer
Joada Crawford
Jeff Cross
Abby Curnow Chavez
Michelle Dampier
Joseph DeBrohun
Lauren W. DeMuth
Russell R. DeWitt
Fred DiDio
Perri Dombroski
Kelly and Reid Dunkin
Collin Dyk
Lucille A. Echohawk
Katherine G. Egan
Madelaine Einbinder
Martha M. Eulberg
Mark Fania
Kenneth and Jill Fellman
Liza Felman
Janet Flesch
Ann Foley
Deborah Ford
Marcia L. Forman
Douglas Fox
Brenda Franklin
Barbara B. Friedman
Karl M. Friedman
Marjorie Friedman
Mark Fulford
Caroline Fuller
Theodore Gaesenbauer
Melissa Gannuch
Margaret S. Garbe
Sherian Gibson
Edwina L. Gibson
Kerry Goodman
Robert Graham
Sarah Gray
Carl J. Grever
Krystal Griffiths
Lorraine Gruber
Patricia A. Gunckel
Robert and Susan Guthrie
Donna Hacker
JoAnn T. Hackos
Dale Hagge
John and Cheryl Haggstrom
Harriet L. Hall
Michelle Hamilton
Donald Hanam
Suzanna Hanson
Paula Harris
Lois Harrison
Jennifer Harrower
Don Harvey
Vandana Hedge
Dennis K. Helling
William V. Henderson
Debra Hershcopf Kennedy
Lolita Higbie
Mary T. Hoagland
Jean Hodges
James M. Holland
Payton Hoops
Margaret Hunt
Brian Husmann
Thomas Isenberg
Raju Jairam
Kathleen Jarman
Susan Jaworowski
Jeffrey Jensen
Brandon Johnson
Bruce. B. Johnson
Joy Johnson
Sandy K. Johnson
Laura Kadlecek
Jan Karasek
Karma Keen-Strozyk
Richard Kem
Carolyn B. Kemp
Russell W. Kemp
Colleen Kershisnik
V. Wensley Koch
Carolyn N. Kuban
Sherry Kuntz
Jennifer Landers
Brian and Cherise Larson
Karen Laughlin
Carl Layng
David M. Lee
Sue Leever
Frances D. LeGrand Hart
Jessica Leonard
Eileen Lepisto
John E. Litz
Elizabeth Loos
Andrew Luter
Judith Lyke
Mark A. Mahoney
Jessica Mamos
Julie Mangum
Kristin Markey
David Marks
Barbara Martinez
Robert Mayer
Jeanne M. McAllister
Chad McDaniel
Lou McDowell
Melissa McDowell
Roger A. McFarland
Michele McGould
Aims C. McGuinness
David L. McKinley
Christine N. McRoy
Margaret McVeigh
Robert Meehan
Ann and James Meiggs
Evan B. Metcalf
Joseph E. Meyer
Jean and Ronald Meyer
Kathi Meyer
Tim Meyer
Michael Mickley
Barbara A. Miller
Christine and Terry Moreland
Dolores A. Morris
Kerry Moyer
Charles M. Naumer
Dana Nelson
Thomas Niederloh
Marjorie Nightingale
Bryan Nordin
David O. Norris
Wilhelm Northrop
Sara Notes
Kim Nowlin
Terry Nugent
Arthur O’Hayre
Emily R. Oliver
Jane Olson
Gwyneth Ormes
John Osborne
Frances W. Owens
Dighton Packard
B. Jefferson Parks
Nancy Patrick
Nancy Pertcheck
Juanita Peters
Connie Plumleigh
W. Kirk Pokrandt
Victoria L. Ponce
G. S. Potter
Koger and Marcie Propst
Judy Querry
Brian Raftery
Wendy Rahn
Wendy Ramsey
Barbara Randall
Nancy L. Rassbach
Laura Raymond
Gary and Barbara Reece
Barbara and Robert Reilly
Carolyn Reimer
Charlie E. Rhoades
Dena Richardson
Joseph Richardson
Waldeen Richardson
Deana Riopelle
Emily and Alan Robinson
Anna Romano
Carol and Paul Rose
Holly Rotach
Fran Roth
Terri Saia
Allan Z. Saidman
Erin Sanders
Carol Ann Sass
Thomas H. Sass
Scott T. Saucke
John B. Scandura
Susan P. Schafer
Hillary Schmidt
Daniel Schneider
Lawrence J. Schulman
Gary Sears
John Sells
Judi Servoss
Christopher and Lesley Shean
Alisabeth Shearn
Seth and Sarah Sheiner
Jill Sherepita
Megan Sherr
Bonnie Shetler
Barbara Shissler
Kenneth I. Singer
Stephanie Slaybaugh
Cindy Slevin
Bradley R. Smith
Caitlin Soon
Nanette Spence
Robert Staley
Kent M. Stannard
Nancy Starr
Ann and Bryan Stern
Marilyn Sterrenberg Rose
Amy Stewart
Susan J. Stewart
Tani Stone
Arthur K. Strasburger
Steven and Loraine Summer
Martha Swanson
Frank Swarbrick
Tura Synhorst
Cathee Tankersley
Malcolm and Hermine Tarkanian
Rhoda Taylor
Louise A. Thomas
Tricia Threlkeld
Jason Throne
Heidi Tickle
Michelle Torbeck
June Travis
Michael Treska
Robert and Carla Urwiler
Lynne Valencia
Cynthia Valentine
Renee Varon
Marshall G. Vary
Nikhil Venkatesh
Neal R. Veta
Ronald Villiotti
Raymond Virella
Leslie Vogt
Carol Waeckerlin
Dale D. Wagner
Larry Wagner
Paul F. Waidler
Meredith Wakelyn
Peter Wall
Nancy Walters
Lois Walton
Tracy D. Washington
Judith A. Waterhouse
Daniel L. Weeks
Patricia Weible
Derek Weingart
Anne Wernimont
Allan Wheatcraft
Jennifer Whitehouse
Edie Widoff
Wilson Wiedenheft
Doug Wieder
Marla J. Williams
Ronald Williams
Kathy Wilson
Karen R. Winkleman
Larry and Toni Winkler
Richard L. Wisott
Gaye Woods
William Yeates
Dennis and Jane Young
Heather Young
David Younggren
Bob Zavodsky
Janice Ziegler
Heidi Ziepprecht

Mental Wellness

$2.8 Million

Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado
Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization
Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council
ASSET Education
B.I.O.N.I.C. Team
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
Bright by Three
Butler Institute for Families
City of Lakewood
Colorado Association for Infant Mental Health
Colorado Children's Health Access Program
Colorado Homeless Families
David's House Sober Community
Denver Health Foundation
Doctors Care
Early Milestones Colorado
Every Child Pediatrics
Family Star
Hope House of Colorado
Irving Harris Program in Child Development and Infant Mental Health
Jeffco Public Schools
Jefferson Center for Mental Health
Lutheran Medical Center Foundation
Mental Health Center of Denver
Metropolitan State University of Denver Foundation
Mountain Resource Center
Mountainland Pediatrics
Open Labs
Project Helping
Roots Family Center
Rose Community Foundation
Spark the Change Colorado
St. Anthony Health Foundation
Trusted Health Network
Young People in Recovery

Jefferson County

$1.8 million

Allergy Safe Kids
America's Kids Belong
Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
Benefits in Action
Bright by Three
Cat Care Society
Center for Care Innovations
City of Arvada
Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
Colorado State University Extension in Jefferson County
Comeback Yoga
Community Educational Outreach
Court Support Jeffco
Deaf Overcoming Violence through Empowerment
Denver Urban Gardens
Eaton Senior Communities Foundation
Evergreen Jazz Festival
Every Child Pediatrics
Firefly Autism House
Friends First
Gold Crown Foundation
Healthy LifeStars
Institute for Environmental Solutions
Jeffco Human Services Foundation
Jeffco Public Schools
Jefferson Center for Mental Health
Jefferson County Human Services
Jefferson County Public Health
Junior Achievement - Rocky Mountain
La Clinica Tepeyac
Lighthouse Writers Workshop
Mile High Youth Corps
Mountain Resource Center
Ovation West Performing Arts
PorchLight A Family Justice Center
Project Helping
Ralston House
Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association
Sprout City Farms
The Adoption Exchange
The Catamounts, NFP
The Center for Relationship Education
The Civic Canopy
Together Colorado
Together We Count

Strengthening Nonprofit Strategies


Adam's Camp
Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity
Carin' Clinic
Cat Care Society
Colorado Homeless Families
Community Cycles
Dental Aid
Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis
Dominican Home Health Agency
Jeffco Human Services Foundation
La Clinica Tepeyac
Open Media Foundation
Red Rocks Community College Foundation
The Greenway Foundation